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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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sheriff who died three years ago. killer charles severance setting court much of the day without moving very much. his defense argued there was evidence that in the first of three murders he is accused of victim nancy, dunning maybe killed by her husband. jim dunning was the alexandria sheriff at the time. wasdefense said there evidence he misled investigators about the state of his marriage and calls his wife's death of murder before it was determined. megan thomas said -- it tends to show that someone else had motive to kill nancy dunning. it is admissible and relevant." thatommonwealth argued evidence is dan and it would be wrong to put the family to the pain of revealing family details. he said the commonwealth's position is not this is a dirty business. the position is that this is a filthy business that continued -- the continued denigration of
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a dead man in the court of law." the judge said it should be allowed to use the evidence in its efforts to give jurors reasonable doubt. he made a point of saying this court is not suggesting or implying that jim dunning committed this murder. defense had two victories today. the judge also really that a psychologist that the defense wanted to testify will be allowed to testify. the judge also heard arguments about whether tv cameras should be allowed for the trial which is scheduled to start next month. the judge said he will make the decision next week. outside the fairfax county courthouse, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: the manhunt is over for the suspect in the shooting near a metro bus. he was arrested last night. he appeared in court moments ago. sam ford is live outside the d.c. superior court. he has the very latest.
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what is going on there? reporter: some surprising development in the court. brown blood before a judge this afternoon for an incident on august 21. it is not clear white brown wasd dijan found hiding in the closet of a victim's home. police say when they came to service a subpoena on the shooting victim they found brown who's on says he proves he was innocent. [indiscernible] >> it was an accident. reporter: authorities say august 21 round fired several shots outside of a metro bus, hitting the victim. this was a month after brown had been released from jail for shooting somebody else in february. >> for information leading to the arrest of bijan brown.
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reporter: the mayor question what he got out of jail so soon at a news conference earlier this month. the mayor today -- >> he is entitled to the perception of innocence. we want to make sure justice is served. reporter: metro stop sending buses into the area. person.s not a harmful reporter: from the hearing we had this afternoon on the what is so interesting about this is that brown is claiming self-defense. we talked to -- he talked abou this incident in february. people stopped the bus he was on -- that they stopped the bus he was on from the outside. they had guns on the outside and they were trying to shoot him on the inside. there was an exchange of gunfire on the bus.
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at this point his body is shot. he disappeared. from what we are hearing today there was a lot of confusion as a who shot who. but he may have a claim of self-defense. the judges holding him because he is a felon it was not supposed to have had a gun. sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: thanks for giving all that straight, sam. alison: and keeping your thoughts together with that siren. leon: that reminds me the same is more work to do. let's talk about the weather. a little sick the outside today. beautiful compared to some of the summer weather we had. alison: doug hill is in the weather center with a check on the forecast. doug: dew point temperatures might be up a degree. maybe by saturday a little bit more teed and humidity combination. let's get started. gorgeous weather outside the weather center and at rockville.
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all throughout the area. 84 in rockville right now. similars for air quality. the areas shaded in orange. this is unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups including children, elderly people, people with asthma. 84 now at reagan national. 83 at hagerstown. temperatures will start to drop this evening. the coolest areas will be out west. 55 at hancock. changes coming to the weekend weather pattern. we will highlight those in just a couple of minutes. there are contingency plans for a princess in america. it says it will be employing the safe haven plant used during that the life or set -- festivities at the national mall. public spaces like museum and government and private offices would serve as shelter for the masses. all indications are we should
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not be seeing severe weather next week. leon: looking good so far. the rush is on to get those last-minute touches in place before the pope touches down tuesday afternoon. kathleen kennedy is watching all these things being put into place. meorter: you can see behind the brilliant gold and white people bunting that is been hung on either side of the front door here at the basilica. a sure sign that the holy father's arrival is imminent. it is the sound of preparation. the staging for a massive event on the campus of catholic university. >> this is a truly magnificent undertaking. reporter: this field is being transformed into an outdoor sanctuary where 25,000 people will celebrate mass with pope francis. >> i'm so blessed to be here. i don't know, it is just amazing. alison: there are signs of
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tighter security, fencing, barriers, federal agents on the dome. students in this residence hall just feet from her the altar will be located will have to vacate their rooms at 8:00 wednesday morning. it will not be allowed back in until nearly 12 hours later. >> it's a great. it doesn't really matter. reporter: sister john berry fleming took pictures of the stage and grounds of the silica. she says the masses all anyone is talking about. >> the volume has risen especially in the last week. the students on campus, the people around in the neighborhood, you can feel the excitement as it begins to build. reporter: he has seen two people masses in the u.s. the candidate get inspired to the public the white house next week. >> i love hope france's. -- pope francis. i would to be wherever he is. i think he is a living saint. reporter: some catholic
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university students will play a volunteer vote -- role in the mass next week. some students will be getting the 25,000 people who will gather here on wednesday. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. leon: metro is getting in on the action is well with a special smart trip card being issued for the pope's visit. the commemorative sleep will be available at the sales office starting on monday. it shows a picture of the pope and the date he will be in the district. stay with abc 7 news and news channel 8 for more than 40 hours of the pope's visit. you can get all the information you need on street closures, events, and security at -- and security at alison: plenty of fireworks another memorable moments as gop candidates face-off in a debate for the second time. a record number of people tune
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in to watch the republican presidential debate last night. kenneth moten tells us who flopped. reporter: that you be candidates were back on the campaign trail thursday looking for -- >> i will continue to do what we've been doing which is talking to as many voters as i can. reporter: she told george stephanopoulos she is satisfied with her standup performance. she held her own against donald trump it made some questionable comments about her face last week. >> i think women all over this country are very clearly what mr. trump said. [applause] >> i think it's a beautiful face and she is a beautiful woman. reporter: debate watchers called trump underwhelming but he is on top and a number of ways. he's the first republican over 30%. he was attacked 13 times. then he got more speaking time than any other candidate. nearly 19 minutes. scott walker had eight minutes. the candidate who is not even in the room, hillary, was mentioned
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32 times. she was tweeting throughout the debate. >>'s visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly. that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his look and believing there was plenty of subject matter. >> you better be able to lead our country on the first day, not six months from now. the first day in office. reporter: 23 million people watched the debate on cnn. it was the most-watched program and the network history. kenneth button, abc 7 news. alison: coming up at 5:00, left in limbo. a military cargo ship fire lee's families waiting for things they can't wait for. leon: extending all they killed her garden -- all-day kindergarten runs into a financial role. -- brawl. alison: he says he will go to
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the white house. find out what other offers a coming for the teenager arrested after a home a -- homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. reporter: the latest plan to ease congestion along 66. how much could you have to pay. that's coming up on abc 7 news
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leon: a consumer alert now. general motors working over some big bucks over this faulty ignition switches. -- they reached a settlement on the same day they agreed to pay a $900 million fine over a criminal probe into the problem. everything to at least 100 deaths. the problem was discovered a decade before the recall was made. alison: new information about plans to try to ease the commute along i-66. it could mean the first time in years that drivers are allowed on without passengers. reporter: it seems almost any time of day there is a section of over to bumper backup. they should of the plan to improve the commute for tens of thousands to rely on the road. the preferred when calls or
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three regular lanes of traffic and to express toll lanes between the belly and university boulevard in gainesville. just like the expressway on 495, the told rises will be congestion-based and will be free to buses and vehicles with three or more people. >> expressways might help. reporter: there was a related project to help people inside the beltway. it calls for tolls on the lanes up to d.c. starting in 2017. it will allow solo drivers to use this section of highway for the first time. but they will have to pay. an estimated seven dollars during morning rush. people with two in the carpal right for free -- ride for free until 2020. >> i like what they are trying to do this are solving a problem. either way you look at it, it is not going to fix it. reporter: i'm not paying the extra money -- what you think about all this. they want to hear from you.
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they a scheduled public meeting six-month. log onto our website for more information. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: an update on the teenager arrested after making the clock that his teacher thought was a bomb. his story went viral online, sprouting the #-- and an invitation to visit the white house. he said he will take the president up on that offer. is not the him an offer he is gotten. twitter is offering him an internship. mark zuckerberg posted a personal offer that he come and visit his offices. he enterss it hopes the clock into a science fair. doug: pretty good. alison: and at a very young age. let's talk about the beautiful weather. a little bit warmer today. doug: just a touch in temperatures tomorrow are the same way.
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it could turn breezy and cool starting sunday, monday, and tuesday. very small chance is going forward. let's get started. conditions around the area. let's start with time lapse. this is from the weatherbug camera in arlington at washington lee high school. a beautiful sunrise and cloud formations that turned into a mostly sunny midday. that is pretty much the story at this hour. after sunset the clouds will diminish. 82 at washington lee. we have got ourselves in a situation where temperatures are very similar. if you look around the area, 84 in washington, 85 in reston. in annapolis the temperature is somewhat cooler. we know the winds are coming across the river and that means they probably have southeasterly winds and those this time of year will bring the numbers down .
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the southeasterly breeze at nine miles per hour. we have a good pattern with sunshine. it will only slowly moderate. 84 degrees right now at manassas and fredericksburg. 83 in baltimore. 79 degrees in annapolis right now. through the evening hours, after sunset will drop down through the 70's and into the 60's. early tomorrow morning the numbers will be right around 70 degrees inside the beltway. it will start to warm up to the afternoon, probably back to the mid to upper 80's in spots. those of the numbers further southwest right now. this giant area of high pressure across the area but in time, tomorrow and saturday, you will see bigger numbers than this. the center of the high is right overhead but the high-pressure extensor northern new england all the way south into texas. it is a sprawling area of high pressure.
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once the center moves through will have a couple more days under the influence before a cold front way up in chicago moves through. most of the ring will stay in pennsylvania and new york. the only affects we have on sunday and monday and tuesday will be somewhat cooler temperatures around the area. that is really about it. these will produce decent rainfall, just not out of this system. here's what we see going forward for the next several days. temperatures making a client to a seven. sunday will be cooler, and through next week with every thing happening with the pope's visit, slight chances of scattered showers in the area. the redskins have a home game on a day in with at home game we're talking about conditions being partly sunny and not quite as warm. it will be a little bit on the breezy side with a northerly wind. that will be good news as we see the numbers continue to slowly back off.
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we are not going to see anything really major anytime soon. that is looking at the dulles lane full coming up -- plane pull coming up this weekend. alison: great news. we will see you in a bit. we are just starting tonight to see the damage from the massive earthquake in chile. leon: plus -- >> they will treat you the way yoare dressed. leon: the debate raging in one awn and online at about proposal to crack down on a certain fashion statement. reporter: a crib but no hardware to put together. a dining room table with no legs. up, local military families are still waiting for household items by a military contractor. alison: here is a look at what is coming up tonight right here on abc.
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leon: first it was problem with their cars, no service members are waiting once again for the things that make her house a home. alison: some of the waiting months because of a cargo ship fire overseas back in june. 7 on your side discovered they've not get in any clear information on what is going on. reporter: they are still waiting.
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we talked with a local family today. they moved into the house back on june 19. their stuff was supposed to arrive one month later in july. but they are still waiting. they're living a half-life. their house is a hodgepodge of furniture they cannot even put together. the nursery for baby catherine. she has a crib but none of the hardware to actually together. her dad is in the army in the whole family shift back earlier this summer. a government contractor is handling the move. after the cargo fire the family says they've not been told when they will get the remaining items. the military says the stuff is being held in baltimore for testing but the family has no idea when their stuff will arrive. their beds are in pieces. they are eating on paper plates and sitting on half a couch. they want answers. just tell us we can expect our things by this date will be
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can file a claim forgive us our things. and othershe rose's cannot fail claims because their stuff is now technically -- not technically missing, they just don't have it. we will tell you what happened once the -- we started making phone calls to the contractor in the army. alison: thank you very much. , it iso come at 5:00 chaos in croatia. a look at the latest on the refugee crisis after neighboring hungary started cracking down. leon: three-month a filled. horace holmes steps in after a veteran's wife has trouble with a car. reporter: loudoun county's discussion about all the kindergarten is back up for discussion.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. leon: one of the fastest-growing counties is also the only one in the region that doesn't offer all-day kindergarten. as diane cho reports, that is becoming the hot button issue in loudoun county's next election. reporter: she just made to the area recently with two children. she had no idea the county did not offer all-day kindergarten until after she got here.
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>> we lived in nine different states. for us to come here was unfortunately disappointing. , butter: not only for mom her daughter as well who just started half day kindergarten in loudoun county. >> she was inspecting to be a full-time student like her big sister. reporter: the superintendent gave out the latest proposal to get more students into the full-day kindergarten program. >> we are looking at options using both existing space as well as creating additional classroom space. reporter: one possible options includes building nine classrooms over the span of four years to serve an estimated 900 additional students. the cost is between $32 million and $34 million. it is still -- it still would not get the number of participating students to 100%. >> we may offer proposals offer fewer or more students will be show the other night.
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those proposals would move us from 31% participation to over 50% participation. reporter: he says part of the problem has been caused by rapid growth in the county. she says it is time for the school system to step up. >> once they have reached kindergarten age, it's crucial that they start establishing themselves in school full-time. reporter: diane cho, abc 7 news. leon: any proposal still to be approved by the school board and the board of supervisors. lawyers for charles severance claim that there was evidence that nancy dunning having killed by her husband and not by severance. a judge ruled that the defense may cement evidence. they accuse jim dunning of misleading investigators about the state of his marriage. he was the alexandria sheriff at the time. he died three years ago. alison: metro transit police
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make an arrest in a shooting last month. bijan brown is accused of firing at that is, winning a passenger. metro -- wounding at passenger. v-dot has an idea that calls for three regular lanes of traffic and to express toll lanes between the beltway and university boulevard in gainesville. it will be congestion-based, but vehicles with three or people will be free. croatia saycials in they are overwhelmed after opening the country's orders to refugees hoping to reach western europe. in 24 hours more than 7600 people entered croatia released seven border crossings. this way for people comes after serious clashes along hungary's closed borders. >> they tried to help us with them food for children and women.
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we had a really hard time there. they did not let us go inside. alison: refugees passing through croatia face another threat, landmines. doctors without borders say people crossing away from formal checkpoints could encounter nearly 51,000 landmines left over from the balkan wars in the 1990's. leon: at least 10 people have died in chile and that number is excited to climb. a powerful earthquake struck the country last night and it was followed by dozens of aftershocks. that triggered a tsunami that damaged dozens of buildings. it forced about one million people out of their homes. it prompted warnings in hawaii and california as a precaution. alison: a union leader in texas is calling for changes after tuesday's deadly crash. houston investigators say the bus was struck car during rush hour traffic, sending the bus
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off the highway overpass. the president of the houston educational sub work personnel union is not calling for higher safety standards on school buses. >> it's just a cost. is a cost factor. you can't put a cost factor on somebody's child for life. alison: they are calling for seatbelts to be made mandatory on all school buses. alsoar-old twins were injured in the crash and they remain in the hospital. leon: it's not a new debate and it is not going away anytime soon. the city council in elements of -- in alabama was to ban baggy pants in short skirts because they say it is about respect. >> i feel to reproaches every thing, your appearance is everything. i think it is a great idea. >> you can't do this are you will have people at their
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measuring people's skirts with her pants on the sidewalk. we have other issues that need to be addressed. leon: if the measure passes, by leaders will face of much -- a fine as much as $100. we have gotten about 100 commons on our facebook page in about 20 minutes. "the government has no authority to delegate with people can and think it's ado i stupid fashion? yes, i don't wear it." " the people don't know the difference between exposed underwear and bathing suits, they need help." you can join the conversation on our wjla facebook page. for once they are being evenhanded. it's not just the guys they're going after. alison: coming up at 5:00 --
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[indiscernible] alison: some local students have a special greeting for the pope when he arrives at the nation's capital. reporter: school administrators are hoping a program to prevent the school from be targeted by graffiti artist. the incredible statistics from department of public works on how these murals are tagged. leon:
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steve: growing closer and closer to the weekend and a lot to do. nelles playing full -- plain
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pull is on saturday. the wind will be out of the southwest at about five miles per hour. 1:00 is cookoff and we are looking for two ridges around -- 1:00 is kickoff. halftime around 77 degrees. the end of the game, hopefully a winning game, temperatures around 80 degrees. still a good deal of sunshine to enjoy in the early evening hours. abc 7 news
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alison: just five days away from the pope's arrival in america and a special group of students have created a video to help welcome the pope's visit to the united states. they hope it has a message of acceptance or everyone. >> we know you have not been to d.c. before. we want to show you around. alison: they have made the pope a travel video. hispoint is to emphasize aid to the disadvantage. promote a group doing
5:40 pm
something about it. the organization encourages the inclusion of special-needs children in mainstream catholic elementary and high school. >> appearance with like to send all their children to the same school and benefit from a catholic education. alison: they pointed to research this is those with and without disabilities benefit from a variety of teaching methods used. the academy of the holy cross in kensington, maryland added a special needs program a year ago. >> it's the right thing to do. and we value diversity and diversity comes in all packages. alison: both faculty and students say it is become a part of who we are. >> it's good to know that what he is preaching, we are actively doing it. alison: the video was fun and heightened their excitement about the papal visit. >> it's cool because he brings a
5:41 pm
lot of new modern ideas to us. ♪ >> we can't wait to see you in september papa. alison: the coalition hopes the video will be delivered to pope francis during his stay here. stay with abc 7 news and news channel 8 for more than 40 hours a live coverage from the people's pope in d.c. leon: i'm sure he will enjoy it. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a veteran's widow trying to restore his dream car. why she turned to 7 on your side for help. jamie: we will have the latest on the commute just ahead. stay with us.
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leon: all this you are wanted to do was on of the memory of her vietnam veteran husband. to try to complete the
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restoration of his pride car. after shelling out if you thousand dollars and wake her id or sisi the job pleaded, the restoration shop was not even telling her where the vehicle was. that's when we sent horace holmes and to find out. jane'sr: jane is been -- husband was the love of her life. he had an unusual passion for old cars. >> he always wanted a car like that. reporter: in 1990 he went to an auction in pennsylvania and purchase this gto. for the next several years he puttered with it in his backyard. >> he wanted to get a new interior and engine. was the fan of a cable tv show. on the place was just street so he decided to send his beloved car there for a complete restoration.
5:46 pm
he never the owner, tom lloyd. >> this particular card was brought to us and fairly rough condition. reporter: my husband gave and $20,000. >> my husband thought that would be all that was needed. reporter: before he could see his drink of filled, taylor died. the car has been it bubba's for a few years. >> can it take years? absolutely. reporter: when she went to the shop she said lloyd told her -- >> for 30,000 more dollars we can make it the way he wants it. and you can sell it. reporter: over the next two years she said she periodically called to check on the cars. five years and $50,000 later, no one was telling her what was going on. taylor contacted 7 on your side and we went to the fairfax
5:47 pm
location and spoke to the manager who told us the owner admits to florida. we tracked him down and he said he lost track of what was going on that he knew the car had been disassembled and that the chassis was sent to a local paint shop and it never been returned. >> for that i apologize. we will find a new chassis for the car and get it put back together. reporter: finally, some answers and some promises. >> it was my husband's baby. it would be something for his memory. reporter: as for the gto chassis, he says he still does not know where it is but he will be searching junkyards like this one to find another chassis so he can finish her car. horace holmes, abc 7 news. leon: unbelievable. alison: five years? leon: stay on it. let us know how 7 on your side can help you. at tipsyour story ideas
5:48 pm jamie: we have accident activity at 66 eastbound. working your way closer into the city is where we have this crash. you'll get a better idea of what i am talking about. you can see all of the activity over here to the right-hand side. we did have only be shoulder getting by about 20 minutes ago. they have now it to lanes over to the left. kind of squeezing by. everyone is looking over to see this activity. we just saw a move back to the map in the single digits. heading outbound of, 12 miles per hour. it will take just under 45 minutes to get closer to fairfax. we had an earlier issue on the freeway that is now gone but we
5:49 pm
hearing about a new accident in the area. a crash in bc involving a bus. .c. involving a bus at k street northwest. a busy one this afternoon. alison: we have those moments over just to take a load off. not many of us have a chance to just sit and coast for a while. at least not like this. a photographer was on a whale watch off the coast of australia when they snapped this picture. a ride on the back of a whale. experts said to have actually heard of this before. leon: it's called carpooling. whalepooling i guess. [laughter] leon: today would be a great day to be out watching that thing. the skies were gorgeous. doug: we have had a couple of clouds.
5:50 pm
that is the only weather action to talk about for the past few days. let's get a look outside are now at bethesda country club. a few fairweather clouds and 85 degrees. the clouds are dissipating as we head towards sunset. i want to update you on it weather alert. air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. children, elderly, people with art and want issues or asthma. outdoor -- avoid outdoor times. an update on the drought monitor. all the yellow areas are abnormally dry but no drought anywhere. if we go another week without any substantial rain, we could get bumped up to a moderate drought category. 82 in columbus. similar weather to the southwest. pressurese of high that is firmly in control of our weather pattern for a few more days. tonight will remain clear and cool.
5:51 pm
temperatures at around 61 degrees throughout most of the metro area. 87 tomorrow and saturday a bit more humid. partly cloudy on sunday, breezy, and upper 70's. chances, 30% or less of scattered showers late tuesday, wednesday, and even thursday. the average high will be 79 degrees. alison: thank you so much. leon: nats back in town tonight. >> they did great on the road. an 11 game stand tonight. they swept the phillies and now one for straight games. who would've thought we were talking about that. the nationals look to continue the turnaround against the florida marlins. bryce harper his his 40th home run last night. he says he is only focused on the team and the race in the nl east.
5:52 pm
>> i'm excited. we just have to keep going and doing what we are doing and not worry about other teams and hopefully win out. erin: the redskins have a new kicker after they parted ways. taking his place is dustin hawkins. they have confidence in him despite he is never kicked in an official nfl game. it was just last week he was practicing with his wife at a park in new orleans. i was trying to trains what was going out to the local park and trying to kick it in between light posts. she held for me. being a sport. did you i say this is because of me yeah, she will take all the credit for it no, she didn't do that but she was excited. it was a big day from a home at ali hehe was -- muhammad
5:53 pm
is battling parkinson's and we don't see him as often as we used to. that is not stop him from accepting a spirit award for his work in and out of the ring. good to see him out there accepting that honor. hard to believe there will ever be another like him thank you. they say the pen is mightier than the sword. leon: what about the paintbrush? have a local community is using archie fight back. have a local community is using archie fight back. --
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alison: you are our best eyes and years, so if you see it send it. e-mail pictures and videos to adc elementary school repeated elementary school
5:57 pm
repeatedly tagged by vandals is fighting back with art. it is funded by the department of public works. reporter: a couple of blocks from here, the playground at eagle academy public charter school is getting a new look. >> it's a good addition to the overall environment. it's more for the positive. alison: chicago-based artist has artie transformed this often tagged wall into a beautiful mural. working day and night, he expects to completed early next week. . like it the $10,000ey say price tag is well worth it to the taxpayers. >> we are just trying to save taxpayers money. oforter: about half a dozen the consummate graffiti-covered walls are reinvented by the program. the artists are selected by the dcr commission. artur commission --
5:58 pm
commission. they say the school is targeted every couple of months. a new tag pops up just like a weed. >> they are saying what is going on? reporter: the public works deposit -- department says that havea handful, maybe four, been tagged again and it is usually discrete. that is because there is a code on the street that even vandals respect works of art. so.on: let's hope that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. a military family left in limbo without even a crib for the newborn. >> they say you can do this for short-term. but they have been telling us that since june. alison: the team investigates the military contractor
5:59 pm
delivering excuses instead of military family's belongings. the one-day next week that it shaping up to be a perfect storm of traffic. red flags nasa is raising about oral -- oral -- orbital sciences. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. maureen: a newborn left of that accrued. a military family lacking basic household items. waiting for months on a military contractor. leon: the family members save if you like their stuff is being held hostage. joseph is here with what is behind it all. reporter: we want you to check this out. a rose family has a crib, no hardware. legs and table with no a bed frame missing all the pieces. they would like to start living but they can't get any answers on whether stuff will finally arrive from the military contractor paid to move it.
6:00 pm
four-year-old ethan is happy to welcome guests to his new house. but it is his family thing if you like cap disappeared. >> we packed up and said goodbye to our things in germany on may 6. this is what we have of our office chair. reporter: they transferred back to virginia this ring. they are missing -- this spring. they are lacking furniture in the hardware required to put it all together. they are eating off of paper plates in their baby girl sleeps in a bassinet next to her unassembled crib. >> we've adopted a new minimalist lifestyle. reporter: not by choice. their stuff was on board ship which got fire back in june. we discover their stuff needed to baltimore weeks ago but they say the military contractor will not say when they will get it. >> there are no dates


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